NearWoo was the first hyperlocal mobile ad-network and the largest self serve mobile ad-network.

  • Spearheaded the launch of the largest cross-platform, audience targeting, media delivery engine

  • Scaled to over 5K self-serve advertisers.

  • Raised 4.3 M in venture capital

Head of Design & Marketing, Co-Founder
Branding, Wed, Print, Mobile

Animated Overlay to Draw Attention to the Call to Action of Entering the Business

Searching for Your business begins the personalized flow

once the business information is captured you are directed to one of 69 vertical specific pages populated with info on how a business like yours would benefit from mobile ads

another vertical page the layout remained static to cut down on engineering time

the information obtained about the business from the initial map entry allowed us to generate a custom price page

learn more was almost never hit but I kept it in the site incase the vertical pages were not enough

custom implementation of desk.com

nearwoo was also resold by partners